Kerry Remp Demonstration
February 3, 2014


February 3, 2014 - The Paper Artistry of Kerry Remp

A concert pianist for over 50 years and NASA engineer for 30 years, Kerry talked about how he got started as a visual artist. He’s always had an interest in origami. It all started on a week long business trip to Wallops Island - a place with nothing much to do - and an origami book from the library. That was seven years ago. With his inspiration coming from asking “what if”, he created these stunningly beautiful paper sculptures you see below and that he shared with us at the meeting. The peacock has over 600 pieces and the jug 16,000 pieces. Kerry equates the modular nature of 3D-origami to building with legos, only you have to make the legos first! We asked what kind of paper he uses, he said “astrobright 24lb.” We were all in awe of his Five Intersecting Tetrahedra Star and wondered how to make it! At the meeting, Kerry showed us how to fold one piece for the patchwork origami quilt and encouraged everyone to sign up for the EAA workshop on March 1st to learn more. In addition to all that he does, he teaches 5th grade math, having his students create a cube which helps them learn geometry. We found ourselves as captivated with his work as his 5th grade class! He has a monthly newsletter that encourages us all to sign-up for on .