November 2, 2015
Eileen Dorsey, Acrylic Painting

We were fortunate to have the judge of our Lake Metroparks Farmpark show, Eileen Dorsey, demonstrate acrylic painting at our November 2nd meeting.  She is a Cleveland native who graduated from Kent State
University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in 2006.  Throughout her childhood and high school years, Eileen always loved art.  But, she says I was so glad to get out of art I dont have to follow their rules.

Eileen is an extremely talented artist.  Her oil painting, Through The Forest, was juried into the current Riffe Gallery Show in Columbus, Ohio.  While working on her largest piece for ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it sold and can now be seen on the 6th floor of the new Cuyahoga County Admin Building.  You can also see one of her oil paintings on the 1st floor.

Eileen paints mostly in oils.  She uses acrylics as an underpainting for her oil paintings.  Over 35 members watched intently as Eileen started to add color to her canvas, which was sketched with a forest scene.  First, she brushed a light color, bright yellow, and then moved to darker colors of green and reddish brown as she developed the image over the next hour.  We engaged her in conversation to learn more about her style and technique.  She likes using brushes for acrylics, but prefers a palette knife for her oil paintings.  She made her palette using a piece of window glass with foam core backing, duct taped together.  Its easier to scrape off old dried paint.  What does she do with all that dried acrylic paint?  She makes jewelry, of course.  Since this is only the underpainting for a future oil, we look forward to her sharing the final artwork with us.


Eileen teaches classes for beginners in her studio located in 78th Street Studios.  She invited us to visit her studio during 78th Street Studios monthly "Third Friday" art walks.  You can see more of her work at  By the way, her favorite beer is Columbus IPA....

Thanks to our hosts, Elizabeth Edwards and Sandra Johnson, for providing us with yummy treats after the demo.....loved the cupcakes and zucchini bread.