Euclid Art Association
2017 Margaret E. Hain Memorial Art Scholarship
Awarded to Euclid High School Senior Jermaine Hawkins


  • Meet the winner of the 2017 Euclid Art Association Margret E. Hain Memorial Art Scholarship - Euclid High School Senior, Jermaine Hawkins.  Jermaine says, "I grew up in a home where I was surrounded by art.  My father used to draw and he was talented.  So when I was growing up I would sit around for hours and draw.  I have chosen to major in graphic design because I want to have a career that reflects my personality as well as sustains a living.  Even though my career choice is not a fine artist, I plan on creating and exhibiting work throughout my life."  Click on an image to enlarge...
    Heart of Darkness
    Rubber Bands, Acrylic paint, wood
    Thermal Vision/Self-Portrait
    Acrylic Paint
    Chalk Pastel