Joanne Naroski

Joanne was born and raised in Cleveland.  She also lived in Palatka, a small Florida town, and San Antonio, Texas.  She returned to Euclid in 1982.

Shortly after retiring from the City of Cleveland in 2003, Joanne met Euclid Art Association member, Mary Lange, who suggested she attend an art class taught by Marguerite Carlson, another Euclid Art Association member.  She also took lessons from local artists Dennis Vargo and George Wervey.

Joanne has shown her work at the Euclid Public Library, Euclid City Hall, Lakeland Community College, East Shore Universalist Unitarian Church and Breckenridge Village.  At Breckenridge, her painting “Rocky Hiding” was chosen to be on the cover of their 2010 calendar.

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Low Tide

Butterfly Garden

Lily in a Privet Hedge

Out Back


Anemone at Night

Red Sails


Red Barn