Kirk Ramsey

I've always been fascinated by images.  As a child I read National Geographic and Life magazines, and even today I can tell at a glance if I've read an issue because I'll recognize the pictures.

By age nine I was taking photographs with an old Brownie, by ten I was friends with a local photographer and learning to develop my own film, and at eleven my grandmother gave me her used 35mm camera, and I was a "professional".

Photography led to drawing, and pencil sketches evolved into pen and ink drawings.  Eventually I gathered up my courage and, with the guidance of master watercolorist David Rankin, was at last able to bring color to my world of black and white.  Watercolor painting is a journey I will probably continue for the rest of my life, for there is a world filled with beauty just waiting to be captured.

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Dawn at Maple Lane Farm

Pine Tree Covered Bridge

The Big House

Orin Robinson Ranch

Sunset in Amish Country

Farm Stewards Shop

Winter Village

A Door in Newcastle