David Rankin
"Flowers in Nature"
Euclid Art Association
June 4, 2016



Photos from the workshop (click image to enlarge...)

Talking to the class about values and gray studies - how to determine the correct values to use

David works on his gray study and explains the importance of doing one first.

Four value layers - the white of the paper and three shades of Payne's Gray Less than 20 minutes of work provides a quick look at what the value structure of the color painting will look like - based on the results, the artist can experiment with other value combinations to see what works best.


The initial drawing - discussing what we'll paint - the first step, soft-edge sky and trees


The class works on their paintings while David offers suggestions on technique

The class at work on the second step . . . adding initial house details and yard

Helpful links that David referenced in class...

David Rankin: The Elegence and Power of Watercolor's Middle Values 
Drawings of John Singer Sargent posted on Facebook by Brian Neher
David Rankin Watercolor Training - You’ll sketch better...if you train your dog!


Next step, add the tall bushes of flowers, the focus of the painting.  Right: painting is done!