Lee Peters
"Photoshop Elements"

Euclid Art Association
April 1, 2017



Photos from the workshop

We thank our president, Lee Peters, who held his very first workshop for the Euclid Art Association on Saturday, April 1st.  And this was no April Fool's joke!

The workshop covered the basics of Photoshop Elements . . . a subject that Lee knows in depth.  Lee set up an interesting working arrangement - three workstations, each with a very large screen, a keyboard, and a mouse, connected via a Window's tablet which contained a version of Photoshop.  Two to three participants shared each workstation and were able to get "hands-on" experience throughout the class.

Lee explained how the most current version of Photoshop Elements, Ver. 15, works only on Windows 64-bit machines, and no longer works on the older 32-bit systems, as earlier versions of Photoshop did, so individuals with older computers can no longer get a licensed copy of PSE.

Lee covered a wide variety of topics, from using the spot healing tool, and the various brushes, to histograms and layers.  He showed us how to take a very dark image, and using the various tools and techniques available, bring out the details embedded within the image itself . . . and more.

Most of us, unfamiliar with Photoshop Elements, learned new skills and techniques, though the material was challenging.  Lee's suggestion . . . the best way to learn is to play with the various images and Photoshop tools to see what the software can do . . . and then play some more!



Learning to use Photoshop Elements

Playing around with the 'Eye Dropper' tool . . . creating interesting digital art


Learning to remove distortions Removing color case
in an old photo
How to bring out details
in a very dark image


A composite using Photoshop Elements